New paper published and Disastrous Doctorates symposium

PhD student Jordanka Chaneva has a new paper, ‘Monotonic and cyclic undrained behaviour and liquefaction resistance of a pumiceous, non-plastic sandy silt’ published in the journal Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

This paper is based on her lab work, testing the properties of Tuhua tephra (one of the younger tephra layers in our study). In addition to contributing more broadly to understanding the undrained behaviour and liquefaction resistance of similar soils (pumiceous silts), Jordanka’s work helps us understand the response of Tuhua tephra in the Hamilton Basin lakes to earthquake shaking, by analysing its liquefaction potential.

Many thanks to Ngāti Wairere and the Department of Conservation for field site access, and to MBIE, Marsden, QuakeCoRE, EQC, and Waikato Regional Council for funding.

Jordanka also attended the 2023 Disastrous Doctorates symposium last week, hosted by the Joint Centre for Disaster Research at Massey University, where she presented a three-minute talk about this research.

A group of about 30 people pose for a photograph in a hall. They are all wearing t-shirts with the Disastrous Doctorates logo. a Toka Tu Ake EQC banner and a Resilence Challenge banner are visible on either side.
Attendees of the Disastrous Doctorates Symposium – Jordanka is in the second row, fourth from left.

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