Tephra Seismites group seminars

The Tephra Seismites team at Waikato held a half-day meeting today to present progress on different aspects of the project, and discuss next steps. 

Josh presented preliminary results from paleoseismic trenching and geomorphology of the Te Puninga Fault segment, Hamilton lowlands.

Richard, in his talk on ‘Soft sediment deformation structures (SSDS) in Rotoroa/Hamilton Lake’, presented observations from CT scans, grainsize analyses, and scanning electron microscope imagery of core samples.

Richard presents CT and grain size data from a core taken at Rotoroa.

Danche gave a talk on findings from her labwork, ‘Pumice content quantification of Tuhua tephra using different approaches’, ahead of her presentation at the QuakeCore annual meeting.

In Max’s presentation, ‘Implications of tephra thickness and grain size properties for the occurrence of soft-sediment deformation structures in lacustrine tephra layers, Hamilton lowlands’, he considered the relationship between tephra properties and the occurrence of soft sediment deformation over multiple lakes in the Hamilton Basin. 

Tehnuka discussed computational analysis of core CT scans for estimating volumes of tephra layers and associated soft-sediment deformation structures.

Finally, David’s talk, ‘Origin and development of lakes in the Waikato region’, gave us an overview of different types of lakes according to their formation mechanisms and relationship with the surrounding landscape, illustrated by examples from Waikato. 

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